About our company

History of the company:

SOLID 3D Engineering is a service company specialized in the fields of 3D measurement technology and industrial image processing (vision systems). The company was founded in April 2015 by Dr. Ing. Liviu Toma and Dr. Ing. Markus Herrmann. Both partners got to know each other during their studies and are now more than a decade professionally active in the fields of 3D industrial measurement and Industrial image processing. Dr. Toma is mainly responsible for the division measurement technology and Mr. Herrmann is responsible as chief developer for the Industrial image processing. In the course of the positive business development, the subsidiary SOLID 3D Mexico was founded in October 2018.

Corporate Philosophy:

The development of own systems for image processing, measurement technology and robotics served as a basic building block. Systems that are highly precise, highly flexible, cost-effective, user-friendly and adapted to the wishes and needs of the customer.

“Quality generates trust”

Today the SOLID 3D team works successfully worldwide for well-known car manufacturers and automotive suppliers. According to the positive development of the company, the SOLID 3D team is continuously growing. Through constant internal and external training of our employees you can expect a high quality of work.

“Customer satisfaction is our goal”

For the long-term success of the company, SOLID 3D GmbH is heading a respectful and cooperative collaboration. The pursuit of continuous improvement and maximum value creation is a fundamental component of our company.

Our Team

Solid 3D Germany

Dr. Liviu Toma


Head of Business Unit
3D Measurement Technology

Dr. Markus Herrmann


Head of Business Unit
Vision Systems

B.Sc. Bogdan Chelu

Project Manager
3d measurement technology

Head of
Hardware Development

M.Sc. Attalla Youssef

Project Manager
3d measurement technology

Head of
Technical distribution

M.Sc. Johannes Boden

Project Manager
Technical Design

Kristoffer Kloke

Measurement engineer
3d measurement technology

Solid 3D Mexico

B.Sc. Santiago Aranda

SOLID 3D Mexico

B.Sc. Rogelio Lizama

Project Engineer