Solid DVI - Distributed Vision Intelligence

“The comprehensive solution for professional image processing”

The Solid DVI software is a self-developed application and offers a professional Software system for our image processing systems.

All functionalities are available as plug-ins, so that the DVI system can be connected to the wishes and goals of the customer. There are no control cabinets and industry PCs more necessary.

3D image processing:

The SOLID DVI software realizes all common 3D image processing techniques. From the simple stereo 3D point measurement up to the 6D bundle adjustment method the DVI application all methods. For high precision applications we offer a special inline calibration procedure, i.e. a calibration procedure during the production process.

Smart calibration

With our special calibration procedure we enable a simple and fully automatic calibration, e.g. with an ArUco calibration plate, which consists of so-called ArUco markers (2D barcodes). All necessary information is available in the markers. The evaluation can also be performed during the production process and thus even the smallest mechanical changes are compensated.


Industrial bus

Our SOLID DVI software supports all common industrial bus systems, which is a quick and easy connection to the plant control system (SPS).



Depending on the inspection task, not only cameras but also other sensors can be equipped with the SOLID DVI System can be combined. Supported sensors include laser, light-section sensors or Time of Flight Systems and much more With the integrated 3D viewer, 2D images as well as 3D point clouds can be visualized.