SMS - SOLID Measurement Studio

“When quality and precision are important”

With our self-developed 3D measuring software many measuring processes have been optimized. In particular, the SMS software has a higher measuring accuracy than other measuring applications. Well-known car manufacturers commission SOLID 3D Engineering GmbH for training purposes in order to continuously improve the measuring departments.

An overview of your benefits:

  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive user guidance even for complex measuring processes
  • Customer-specific configurable
  • Robot Base Calculation
  • Robot Tool Identification
  • Robot Workobject Calculation
  • Measurement process optimization (Solid Smart Fit, PMR, Target Point Projection)

Solid Smart Fit
The Solid Smart Fit Algorithm is an extension of the Best Fit Algorithm, which allows us to determine the robot base if the TCP (Tool Center Point) of the robot is unknown. When determining the robot base and the TCP, no disassembly of the robot tool is necessary, which saves a lot of time.


Position Marking Robot
With our self-developed Position Marking Robot the staking out of hall layouts is automated. The laser tracker is connected to the PMR, on which a reflector is located. This enables the desired position to be controlled and the marking of the hall point is carried out with high precision by the integrated drilling process. This reduces assembly times.


Target Point Projection
The SOLID Measurement Studio also allows partially automated staking out of hall layouts. The points intended for marking are imported into the software, which are sorted in such a way that the optimal movement paths are achieved. The points are displayed by means of a laser beam, so that only the slightest movements are necessary.