Vision Systems

In recent years, industrial image processing has become a key technology when it comes to quality assurance. “Seeing machines” lead robots to the correct position or detect workpieces along the entire value chain. Without the industrial image processing the production process is hardly conceivable.


When it comes to the reliability and functionality of software and hardware, we stand here with our name. Especially the increasing demands on product quality and increasing time pressure requires a powerful image processing system. By integrating the SOLID vision system, you benefit from quality, flexibility and versatility in different production environments.


We advise you personally and without obligation and are available to help you solve application problems.

Our image processing systems are suitable for various visual inspection tasks and can be flexibly expanded.

Detection of objects in any position and rotation. 3D position detection of workpieces of all kinds in three-dimensional space for controlling robots and other assembly units.

Our professional staff, consisting of engineers, will commission your Solid vision systems and train your employees professionally and proficiently.

After commissioning your vision system, the SOLID 3D team offers you a versatile service and maintenance package to guarantee highest quality and maximum system availability.

For your special tasks we offer you individual software solutions.