Made in Germany

Position Marking Robot

Position Marking Robot

SOLID 3D Position Marking Robot (PMR) fully automates the measurement and stake out processes. 

Combines the capabilities from self-driving cars and economies from mass production – stress-tested in logistics and warehouse barcode pasting.

Developed in-house it runs together with SOLID 3D Planning and mapping software to autonomous marking of up to 550 barcodes per day.

Support color labeling, automatic drilling and automatic barcode printing and pasting.
Powerful batteries for full day operations

Key Performance indicators

barcodes per day
faster than current method
high precision


Powerful software allows for layout design, import of pre-defined layouts and route plotting.

It automatically calculates the best route based on site layout, pillars and uses complex mathematical models to predict pillars shadow and laser blind spots.

See SOLID 3D PMR in action:

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